Port Fund Παγκόσμια πρωτοτυπία – huh?



A local news item popped up in Taxydromos (klik) the other day for some reason.

The Skopelos Municipal Council voted recently on the new budget for the Skopelos (municipal) Port Fund.

The purpose of the Port Fund is to maintain the functionality of the ports on the island of Skopelos, including Skopelos, Loutraki, Neo Klima and Agnontas. The Port Fund is controlled by the Municipal Council which decides how the money is spent.
I’m not really sure where the money comes from but I think that a percentage of the cost of every boat fare goes to the fund (please correct me if this is not the case).

The surprise for the mayor was that Councillor Nikos Vafinis (representing the Loutraki area) voted against the budget even though it contained his proposal for improvements at the port of Loutraki. Asked why he voted against the budget Vafinis said that for years the board has voted money for Loutraki harbor yet, before anything can be done, the money disappears into other projects in Skopelos. He was voting against the budget as a protest.

Anyway, the story of Vafinis’s vote made it into the regional newspaper. With the need for dredging the main port since the recent grounding of F/B Mirtidiotissa (Klik) the chances that Loutraki will see any money this year are slim (my opinion).


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