For the millionth time, the Greek Economy

Ok, enough already?
Those of you confused about the Greek economic crisis might have forgotten some of its history. After all, it has been a long time. In this video Giorgos Papakonstantinou, the former Finance Minister in Giorgos Papandreou’s PASOK government, unfolds the events leading up to and during the continuing crisis.

It was in 2009 that newly appointed Papakonstantinou discovered that the previous New Democracy government had lied and minimized the extent of the Greek debt. Papakonstantinou informed Greece’s European partners and all hell broke loose. Of course it was the responsible thing to do. As a politician he was a novice and after leaving the Finance Ministry (and the Government), he faced a parliamentary investigation over tamperimg with the “Legarde List” to hide the names of relatives. He was ultimately exonerated.

If you click on the video you will see a boring 5 minute introduction by his host and then Papakonstantinou clearly outlines the stages leading to the current situation. His talk lasts for about 25 minutes and is worth it. Later there is a question and answer session (which I didn’t watch).


2 thoughts on “For the millionth time, the Greek Economy

  1. Thanks for writing this. There are so many false impressions about when and how this started. Another result of Papakonstantinou informing the Brusselians was that the Pasok party was pretty much demolished. Of course, either the Brusselians knew already what was happening, i.e. they were complicit, or they didn’t know, i.e. they are …. well, you judge..

  2. There are several versions of the speeches Papakonstantinou made during the 2 weeks he was touring and basically promoting his book. His appearance and public actions during his tenure give the impression of a decent fellow in over his head in Greek politics.

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