Kites “αετός” – good all year around

Today if you plan on joining the multitudes headed for the countryside to fly kites, you will need a very very light one. There simply ain’t enough wind.

I’m not sure why and when the national kite-flying-on-Clean Monday tradition started, but usually toward the end of Apokreas kites start showing up in local stores. The more adventurous build their own.

The typical kite is the hexagonal beauties in the photo above but any kite will do.

In late summer 2002, Argentine photographer Esteban Pastorino Diaz visited Skopelos loaded with the equipment needed for making photos with kite-borne cameras. He built the rig for holding the camera and to suspend it from a large black “classic Eddy” link kite. His camera shot onto film (!) via a radio remote control shutter release. As the camera was mounted on a special chassis, it would always remain steady and level even in a strong breeze. His specially modified camera and lens resulted in photographs with unique visual characteristics, making the landscape below appear real yet unreal, as if it was a model or a stage set.

Esteban set up at various points around the island for the month or so that he was here. Below are a couple of his shots from that summer. They are sooooo analog and much more interesting than the ubiquitous drone photos we have been recently confronted with.0_550_435-1

Some of Esteban’s aerial photography can be seen here….

Esteban’s personal website with bio, gallery and technical details is here…


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