Kathara Deftera and almost dead calm, however in Tyrnavos…


While scanning Taxydromos newspaper the following headline caught my eye…
“Τα Γαμοτράγουδα τα Καθαροδευτεριάτικα !”
The longer of the two is simply Kathara + Deftera + iatika = of Clean Monday
The first word can be politely translated as “Wedding songs”. Let’s leave it at that since Γάμο means wedding and Γαμώ is (politely) fornication. You figure it out.

There is a post making the rounds from blog to blog with a story on the Apokreas traditions around Greece which culminate on Clean Monday. The article has photos from the community celebrations in Tyrnovos, an agricultural town in Thessaly famous for its wine making cooperative, a big producer and bottler of retsina and other (cheap) wine exported to Skopelos.

The Taxydromos article, the link to which is written below, translates clumsily but moderately well in an on-line translator. The subtleties of double-entendres are missed. Within the article are sound files of funny seasonal songs from all around the country.


The revival of the earth after nature’s winter death is the hoped for result of all the Dionysian lewd looseness displayed in costumes, song and dance. By Tuesday the door slams shut on all the fun and the austere Lenten season begins.


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