Agio Riginaki

riginakiWe are all familiar with this little corner shrine next to the yefera (bridge) above the Prassorema raging torrent, brook, trickle, dry river bed – your choice. Every year women and perhaps some men and some hired guns, clean-up the shrine and make it the place to be on February 25th – the feast day of the island’s patron – Agios Riginios.

Garlanded and white-washed and bedecked with flags of the Hellenic Republic and the Orthodox church, the corner will sparkle for a while before being overwhelmed by the traffic and noise as the island slides ever more rapidly towards Easter and the looming tourist season.

By then the little shrine will have slipped into the background only to be the object of the occasional, “What’s that?”.”Qu’est-ce que c’est?”,”was ist das?”,”Cos’è quello?,”wat is dat?”, “hva er det?”, “vad är det där?”, or the popular, “τι είναι αυτό?”.


2 thoughts on “Agio Riginaki

  1. I’ve heard it said that Reginos the mortal, the Bishop of the Holy Roman Empire (and Skopelos), was put to death on that spot by quartering. Has anyone seen his relics?

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