Schaeuble spricht oeffentlich von einem grexit

A scary combo

A scary combo

…that is “Schaeuble speaks openly of Grexit”. Does Schaeuble really want a Grexit? I think that he doesn’t care one way or another.
Speaking about Grexit is simply his way to frighten the Greek population. Why? Schaeuble has been working for a long time to unseat the leftist government of Greece and replace it with a rightest government. It has been his passion since Tsipras was elected.

The Greek government has been bending over backwards to obey Troika demands and laying more and more austerity on the population. There will never be enough austerity to suit Schaeuble – no matter how bad things become – because his goal is to break the current government.

Once SYRIZA was elected in 2012 Tsipras unwisely asked for a referendum on leaving the Euro and discovered that a majority of Greeks wanted to stay. With that mandate in mind (and believing that staying with the Euro would not help Greece’s economic recovery) Tsipras began to implement Troika demands. Trusting that austerity would never bring the recovery of Greece, the government figured that the population, facing a dismal economic future within the Eurozone, would finally vote out of the Eurozone.

Meanwhile Mitsotakis has been making the rounds talking up his plans for Greece’s economic recovery and trying to appear Prime Ministerial. He met with Mr. Schaeuble yesterday. I’m sure that his plan looks wonderful on paper. Were I in the position of a Greek voter, I’d rather have a leftist government deciding where to make inevitable cuts rather than a member of the political aristocracy which put Greece in its sorry state in the first place. How quickly people forget.

I don’t know what will happen. Will it be elections or exit? Elections are officially scheduled for 2019 – can Schaeuble wait that long?

Reports yesterday in Athens/Macedonian news service


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