…in the best of all possible worlds.

The F/B Mirtidiotissa's ship whistles (horns)

The F/B Mirtidiotissa’s
ship whistles (horns)

It was Gottfried Leibniz who said, “We live in the best of all possible worlds”. We couldn’t have said it better…

OK folks, here is our version of the best of all possible worlds. As we are well aware the F/B Mirtidiotissa is supposed to pick up serving the Northern Sporades when F/B Proteus leaves off today. There is even a posted schedule. It hasn’t started well for a case of engine failure has left Mirtidiotissa docked at the port of Volos for two days. So says Taxydromos newspaper (link).

When the ship recovers it will be very, very busy. There are three routes listed:

    #1 Departs from, and returns to, Volos – Monday Thursday Friday

    #2 Departs from Volos and finishes in Agios Konstantinos – Tuesday Saturday

    #3 Departs from Agios Konstantinos and finishes in Volos – Wednesday Sunday

Morning departures from Volos, Agios Konstantinos – Afternoon departures from Skopelos
(Refer to the table below)

As indicated below, for some reason the service stops after 23 February and restarts, with a new schedule, on 3 March – an 8 day gap.
U P D A T E (14 February) newest information is that the schedule below will continue to 6 April

mirtidiotissaThe size of the schedule reproduction will increase by clicking on it. You can copy the chart to your desktop for convenient referral.


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