Agios Haralambos

Today is the feast of Agios Haralambos (Χαράλαμπος). A tip of the hat and a chronia polla to all people whom we greet as Babis or Lampis.
The root of the name Haralambos is “He who shines (lampi) from joy (hara)” – Αυτός που λάμπει από χαρά.
Haralampia is the female version but it is a less common name than Haralambos. Haralambos is not to be confused with Lambros (April 16). There is an “r’ in that name.

Haralambos was an early (90 AD) Christian saint from Thessaly. One text suggests that he was from Magnesias, specifically Milies Pelion (near where there is a derelict monastery dedicated too the saint). The church says that his parents were believers. If true, there is a slim chance that they may have been influenced directly or indirectly by Paul of Tarsis who visited Thessaly in the mid-first century (letters to the Thessalonians).

One local church dedicated to Agios Haralambos is just outside of Skopelos town on a hilltop overlooking Gyftolakka. A nice climb.


3 thoughts on “Agios Haralambos

  1. Hello Tom,
    It’s was very interesting to learn something about that not well known saint.
    Wouldn’t you write his name in english or in french with “ch” : Charalambos, like “charism” , the χ becoming “ch” ?

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