This cloud means business

Low cloud passing over Mt. Palouki at 18:00, 6 Feb. 2017

Low cloud passing over Mt. Palouki at 18:00, 6 Feb. 2017

Though Skopelos Arts and Life might appear so, we are not really too obsessed with the weather. It is however nice from time to time to have an inkling of the atmospheric future for the next few days.
Being an island with mountains 23 km (14 miles) from the mainland, Skopelos can present some difficulties in predicting mild weather system changes (big storms are much easier) and often the western side of the island can receive rain while the eastern half is dry.

One way to get an idea of what will happen in the near future is be to ask a local. Up here on the old Aloupi-Glossa turnpike farmers pass everyday on their way to and from their fields, orchards or livestock. They used to pass by mule or on foot, some still do, and always had times to chat with the curious. Sometimes we would shoot the breeze about the weather (good for starters). Despite the difficulty of comprehending rapidly spoken Skopelitan Greek, one nugget we have picked up is that when a cloud sits at the crown of Mt Palouki, rain is on the way. It doesn’t always work (75%?) but it is a fairly reliable predictor. For the Palouki/cloud prediction the winds need to be southerly. Rain arriving from the north (NW, NE) doesn’t offer the same clues.

There is no time frame for the prognosis nor how much rain to expect. The photo above was taken at 18:00 yesterday and the rain started 10 hours later.


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