Apokreas (Carnival) calendar 2017

courtesy Vaso Kosma

courtesy Vaso Kosma

  • 16 February Thursday Tskinopempti (from τσίκνα – the smell of burning meat)
  • 19 February Sunday (της Απόκρεω) Trata (Dionysian ship procession unique to Skopelos) – about 3pm or later in village. It begins at the old olive press and wanders through the village. To locate the procession on-route look for smoke, or listen for mayhem, or follow the trail of debris from the disintegration of the ships. To join in, costume yourself, drink, and act like an idiot (but with humor).
  • 26 February Sunday Tis Kales – (the ‘nice’ procession) schedule to be announced but usually gathers and intends to start around 13:30-14:00 from the Gymnasium
  • 27 February Clean Monday (Καθαρή Δευτέρα)
  • Bank Holiday – go have a picnic.

    Beginning the article and below are photos of the late Barba Mitsos Tabaktsis nicknamed “Tzavelas” – a legendary ‘captain’ of the Trata.
    The photo ending the “article” is of his grandson Mitsos (Dimitris), also nicknamed ‘Tsavelas’. By popular choice he has served as the ‘captain’ – basically the MC of the procession – and is expected to continue when he is free from finishing his training as a sailor. The photo is from 2014.

    Courtesy Vaso Kosma

    Courtesy Vaso Kosma


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