A hot time at Agios Panton – June 11

With all of the damage to vegetation and structures like pergolas from the heavy snow, it is a drag to see that in Aloupi someone has apparently taken it upon himself to cut down two (at least) big and full walnut trees. To be fair I spoke to the owner who said that the tree was a problem; it was interfering with a power line, and its roots were buckling the concrete around the base. (Pruning? I think that the tree was simply in the way and had to go). The other tree grew in the middle of the river bed just below the fountain, which might be considered, and probably is, public land. The trees became firewood.

The tiny church of Agios Panton in Aloupi – feast day June 11 this year – can accommodate perhaps 4 worshipers. The rest of the congregation stands outside in the public area during the service. The parish built a pergola a few years ago and trained a vine to grow above it to create some shade. Some 15 people could stand under it for protection against the late spring sun. The other faithful either braved the sun or sought shelter in the shade provided by one of the late walnut trees. No longer.

To try again to be fair and understanding, this particular massacre occurred at the end of November and the prospect of a cold winter may have led to this man-made calamity. Then ironically the snows came and provided enough legitimate firewood for years to come.
We might call this the Aloupi Chain Saw Massacre but such tree destruction happens here and there all over the island. Sheesh.


One thought on “A hot time at Agios Panton – June 11

  1. Chain saws are great tools and make work a lot easier, though using one can be addictive. Once a chain saw is fired up and buzzing, once a job is finished it is tempting to look around for other stuff to cut, whether it needs it or not.

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