Citrus glut and posidonia compost

28 January 2017

28 January 2017

Passing by the town beach yesterday I noticed among the dark piles of Posidonia grass a lot of washed up oranges. Washed up oranges? Where did they come from? As readers may know, unfortunately there is a bounty of citrus this year in Skopelos. Unfortunately – because the heavy snow on the loaded trees caused many of them to split and break. There are many branches on the ground full of fruit as well as singular fruits which have dropped. One positive result will be a glut of lemon and orange marmalades that are currently (or lately) in the process of being cooked up.

That mass of sea grass (Posidonia Oceanica link) (“Φύκη”), another of nature’s gifts, naturally reminded me of compost. Since there always seems to be a lot of sea grass after every storm, I had once researched the possibility of using the stuff in the garden. I found this company, Compost Hellas (link), which has been hard at work in Kefalonia and Marathon collecting, composting, and selling the result. Good for them. I collected some from the local beach once and the portion that I collected was full of sand, pebbles and stones (and heavy). It needed cleaning before composting and I can’t say the result of the composting was good or bad.



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