Frost in low-lying areas

Indeed it’s true. If the temperature is cold enough and the humidity high enough, frost forms in low-lying areas. I suppose that if it is really cold and humid, frost forms in high-lying areas too.
08:00 Temperature 3.5º C – Humidity 82%. There you go.

doesn't bother these babies

doesn’t bother these babies


2 thoughts on “Frost in low-lying areas

  1. Today, we had frost over here. First time I’ve seen it in the 9 years we’ve been here. The wooden balcony and railings were silvered over and all the stonework, but nothing much on the grassy areas. I expect that means that such plants as had survived the snows will now be completely finished. Grrr.

  2. ……..the grey clouds will vanish from the skies and the sun embrace us all as Persephone comes out from the Underworld to meet her mum Demetra!

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