Situation ridiculous

In case you missed it, the Greek economic crisis continues apace.
This has been a very cold winter and naturally people need to heat their living spaces.

In apartment buildings, where the expense of heating has historically been shared by occupants, some tenants are voting to restrict general heating. One building we know of in Athens has no heat – the furnace has not been turned on this winter. Tenants are expected to fend for themselves with portable heaters and moving them room to room as needed. Others are heating using the air conditioning system (in reverse).

Another building has opted to have general heat for two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening. The rest of the time tenants are on their own. Crazy. It is crazy that heating fuel is so expensive with the added taxes destined to payoff “the debt”. So Greeks are using less and less fuel which means less and less taxes collected. Revolutionary. That knowledge might take some of the chill off.


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