100% loss

It’s funny how that sometimes when searching for one thing, another item pops up. Case in point – while looking for information about the avocado industry in northern Crete, I came across an article in http://www.agro24.gr about the leafy green crop on Magnesias. This story was sourced to an article by Eleni Chanou in our very own Taxydromos (Volos) newspaper.

The article (link) reports that the expected loss in Magnesias of leafy green vegetables (being grown in the open) is up to 100% due to freezing temperatures and heavy snow. Farmers report that whatever leafy greens – specifically, celery, beets, lettuce, dill, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli – that weren’t killed directly by the weather were subsequently eaten by hungry birds.

Greenhouse plants survived if the greenhouse didn’t collapse from the weight of the snow.

Citrus trees were also heavily damaged – both in Skopelos and on the mainland – with broken branches and frozen fruit. Olive trees have lost big and small limbs.

Locally, it appears from the photo that spinach, parsley, arugula and weeds have survived though large lettuce plants have suffered.

We will have to wait and see how the winter grain crop makes out. I might have to revive the much missed Oat Report.


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