Sticky snow trick

Those of us in Skopelos under-prepared for an alpine style winter might, if you don’t already know it, find this shoveling trick helpful.
As muscular as I am, I was having difficulty shoveling wet heavy snow. I would scoop a shovelful and then try to toss it. The shovel contents would not slide effortlessly into space but instead stick to the shovel requiring a “tap-off” on some solid object. Frustrating, especially when facing a lot of snow and not a lot of solid objects to “tap-off” onto.

My solution to the problem was to dry the shovel by heating the blade (briefly in a fireplace) and then melting candlewax on it. Carefully rewarming the blade evened out the wax and bound it to the shovel. I used a propane torch for heat. Now the shovel works perfectly.

Both shovels available to me – the “Steinmann” aluminum pusher (courtesy Alex and Cornelia) on right, and the European hybrid utility shovel (Spanish handle-German blade) benefited from this technique.

A side note – though mobile phones are working (when charged), the traditional “home phone” here has been out for a few days. Is this an island-wide problem or is it just us?


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