Let’s change the subject, shall we?

obligatory snow picture

obligatory snow picture

Ok, so it is snowing again.
Turning the page, we read that Greek exports (such as they are) improved slightly in December. A diligent reader might ask, “what does Greece export and to whom?”

Greece exports listed by volume:
Minerals, fuels, lubricants
Food and live animals
Industrial goods classified by raw material
(Βιομηχανικά είδη ταξινομημένα κατά πρώτη ύλη) (I’m not sure what this means – maybe things like scrap metal to be reprocessed elsewhere?)
Machinery & transport equipment
“Miscellaneous manufactured articles”

Where does this stuff go? The top 5

Typically, the next question is from which countries does Greece import? The top 11…and the top product per country
Germany -Pharmaceuticals (followed by vehicles and machinery which includes appliances)
Italy -Machinery
China -Machinery
Russia -Oil
Iraq -Oil
S. Korea -ships
Spain -Oil (probably vegetable)
Belgium – Pharmaceuticals
Bulgaria – (dunno – meat at Easter?)
Turkey -Machinery
Kazakstan (???) probably fuel (oil or gas)

one source was the Panhellenic Exporters Association http://www.pse.gr/en
another was


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