When white ain’t white

whitewhiteSnow early this morning, followed by a three hour power outage at about 06:15 left some residents a tough choice. Stay in bed or face the music. Fires which had been left smoldering in stoves or fireplaces were reignited to provide some warmth and, before the sky brightened somewhat, lanterns were lit to shed some light on the tasks ahead.

Later, peering out to transformed Skopelos, we noticed how white simply isn’t white in many cases. The photo illustrates this in a way. ‘Whitewashed’ walls and ‘white’ marble appear as anything but white against the white/white of the snow. White in name only. The stable at lower left is painted ‘yellow’.

Snow here is actually a drag. It is pretty at first but it makes life difficult as there no good systems in place for clearing it away. A Bobcat® clearing the paralia sometimes isn’t enough.


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