In a US department store home section - 2016

In a US department store home section – 2016

While looking for something else, these items parked conspicuously on the back wall of a major discount retailer caught my eye. Some were labeled “hand painted” and a secretive finger swipe indicated a raised surface, as if the colors had been brushed on by the artist.

Some images, like the charging bull elephant, were simply reproduction of photos and no pretense was pretended. For the giraffe – it is what it is.

I found the image of the couple gliding across an inner city ice patch vaguely disturbing for, as we all know, stiletto heels, a low backed gown, and glaze ice are a dangerous though apparently romantic combination. The layer of sulphuric smog adds to the timeless enchantment.

On the left of the display, just below the impressionistic dog in a baseball cap portrait ($14.99), is a small square work with words painted on it. What message is the artist trying to get across? I see “Let ???? & Let ???” (in which the ??? stand for indecipherable text).

The larger images were going for $29.99 that day and probably forever.


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