Bar Boat Athens

dsc03820 The photo was taken outside a joint just off Alexandras avenue in central Athens. Not much but at least it is a Christmas Boat! Volos has one too – parked in the park in front of the City Hall. It is someone’s caique by appearances.

The other day I passed by Babis Stivachtis’s boat yard up in Gyftolakka (Skopelos) and he was setting a “varkaki” with lights up. The display wasn’t ready when I passed and therefore no photo.


2 thoughts on “Bar Boat Athens

  1. I felt strongly about that too and mentioned it to the Town Hall and the Harbour Police office to no avail. though!

    I noticed the Stivachtsis dry dock yard with their boat on the fence, Filios of Rosemany eaterie and Skopelos delicacies, , on the Stafylos road said he will decorate with lights his boat which is dry docked in the parking space. beside the building. Heaven knows all the municipality had to do is to wrap the same lights they wrapped around each of the light columns around one of the many boats dry docked there. at no extra cost!

  2. Thanks “S” –
    My thought is that the unrelenting and overwhelming push towards a more and more commercialized Christmas is signified by the tree/Santa combo. The ship, whatever its origins as a seasonal symbol, is a gentler and more engaging motif.

    Perhaps next year Babis Kochilis could be convinced to lug a 12v battery on board his sailing boat and string up some lights.

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