Get your Kazamias

The 2017 Kazamias (almanacs) are available. There are several different publishers which design and print their own versions of this handy little book. Naturally, yearly factual information such as the calendar doesn’t change (much) from publisher to publisher. The variations occur in the design and presentation of information.

As a kazamias is an annual, usually “spur of the moment”, purchase it’s hard to remember which version is more engaging to the eye (and mind). Kazamias are also now sold wrapped in plastic film so they can’t be examined before purchase.

In 2014 we bought the “Super Kazamias – The Planetarios” which was deeply satisfying read, well organized, full of juicy tidbits, and easy to navigate.

This year we got the “Megas Kazamias – The All-knowing” which doesn’t measure up visually. The photos below show the differences between the two publishers. The “Super” (above) breaks the month into weeks with Sundays clearly defined. Moon phases are indicted inbold text which helps vary the long list. The “Megas Kazamias” with the days of the months presented as a unvariated list, is boring and difficult on the eyes. The “Megas” people will need to be a bit more “all-knowing” when it comes to design.


2 thoughts on “Get your Kazamias

  1. Here are some of the titles of Kazamias available –

    1. Megas Kazamias Ermou Saliverou (ed. Linardatou)
    2. Megas Kazamias – of Esperion (ed. Linardatou)
    3. Megas Encyclopedic Kazamias (ed. Linardatou)
    4. Megas Kazamias – the Doroforos (ed. Linardatou)
    5. Megas Kazamias – The Universe (ed. Darius)
    6. Megas Kazamias Praxiteles (ed. Papadimitriou)
    7. Megas Kazamias (ed. Globe)
    8. Super Kazamias the planetarium (ed. Haral. Angelopoulos)
    9. Megas Kazamias – Treasure of Knowledge (ed. Triperina)
    10. Megas Kazamias – Almanac (ed. Triperina)

    The Publisher Linardatou, which handles four titles, has been around for a while. The Saliverou edition has been published the longest but has merged with Linardatou. An editor with Linardatou says that the public resists efforts to modernize the format, preferring the old fashioned look. Me too.

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