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Take-0ff from Nea Anchialos. Sourpi in the distance

Take-0ff from Nea Anchialos. Sourpi in the distance

The flurry of excitement over “news” of easyJet “plans” to begin flights to/from Volos in 2017 blew away in yesterday’s gales.

The company relied to a request by the City of Volos for clarification of easyJet’s intentions. The statement from the Municipality went like this (translated and edited roughly from Greek):

“The administrative headquarters of Easy Jet informed us that they inadvertently included Nea Anchialos as a destination and that there are no plans to use the airport in 2017.
We do not know how the information was leaked, let alone how the mistake was made on our (the municipality’s) part. However, efforts are ongoing to integrate New Anchialos eventually into the company’s plans. We hope that in the end we will overcome all obstacles, artificial or not.”

OK. Perhaps some closer proofreading by easyJet’s graphic design/press production department is in order.


2 thoughts on “easyJet not

  1. There were various local which took credit for convincing easyJet to include Volos. Among the strutters were the City of Volos and the Association of Hoteliers Magnesias. Someone at the graphics firm which made the map jumped the gun and then the sky fell in (to almost mix metaphors).
    I didn’t like the map anyway.

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