Dry as a bone


We are seeing strong winds from the North/Northwest and plunging temperatures. Notable is the humidity level which has posted a sharp decline, as we say in the trading floor. At 07:00 the percentage of moisture in the air was around 65%. Since then moisture has fallen to a lip cracking 37% (at 14:30). A mighty high pressure cell of 1032 (hPa) sitting over central Europe is sending their cold air in our direction. Thanks.

The flip side is that it is a beautiful day, clear and dramatic.

UPDATE at 15:30 Since 14:30 the humidity has shot up to 82% and precipitation has begun ! Atmospheric Pressure, 1022 hPa at 14:30, is rising rapidly (1023.3 hPa at 15:30). The end of the world?

Skopelos from Skiathos

Skopelos at left horizon from Skiathos 15:45


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