Gatwick/Manchester Volos easyJet?


easyJet, in a non-announcement, apparently is thinking about Volos/Nea Anchialos as a destination. The non-announcement has made a circuitous route via online local media in the last few days.
Somebody (a passenger?) found on page 158 of the airline’s inflight magazine (link) a map with Volos pictured as a “new” destination. That’s pretty much it. The company has not, as of yesterday, been forthcoming with anymore information – but unofficial information (rumors) suggest that flights to/from Gatwick and Manchester may be in the offing by Spring 2017.

There have also been rumblings from the Volos media about the airport finally returning to life after a few years of hibernation. We (SkopelosArts and Life) reported on November 16 a few weeks back that TUI Fly Belgium would fly from Brussels to Volos starting Spring 2017.

Entering VOL in the search bar of the easyJet “find a flight” interactive comes up with nothing.
Some have even suggested that chief Brexit cheerleader Boris Johnson’s August vacation in the Pelion might have had something to do with easyJet’s decision – though I doubt it.

Stay tuned


2 thoughts on “Gatwick/Manchester Volos easyJet?

  1. The company ought to make some kind of announcement in the next few days since the cat is seemingly half out of the bag. I saw that prices would be “from” €25 or £25 (I can’t remember which denomination).

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