Take ’em or send ’em back ?

Appearing to be in conflict, new messages from the EU have emerged this week.

The first announcement was that Europe had only accepted 5% of the refugee/migrants now “residing” in Greece and Italy that it had promised to take in September. The agreement (link) was to share the responsibility of integrating 160,000 refugees among all EU member countries. So far only 8,200 people have been moved under the agreement which expires next September.

The second message of note (link) was that from March 2017 European countries could enforce the “Dublin Regulation” of 1990 (link) and send any unregistered refugees they catch back to the countries where they first set foot in Europe. Specifically Greece and Italy.

As we know, Greece was woefully under prepared and had not the resources to deal with refugee crisis which intensified last year due to the wars in the Middle East and beyond. An unbiased mind might suggest that, though sympathetic, Greeks still don’t have the resources nor the ability to deal properly with the problem – as migrants spend another winter in tents and make-shift camps.


3 thoughts on “Take ’em or send ’em back ?

  1. It’s a grim notion, Tom. Greece is doing what it can – wonderfully – and to add this further burden can only cause suffering for hosts and refugees alike.

    • Though I doubt that they are, the two announcements seem like ‘tit for tat’. First, the announcement that “Dublin” will be enforced, followed by the “hey, remember your promise to take people in? story. The first is probably to mollify those demanding a stop to immigration and the second is from those countries bearing (and who will bear more) burden.

      The Dublin agreement was put together in 1990 and ratified in 1997 – that’s a long time ago.

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