Big Strikes, little strikes, and those in between

Officially, the PNO (Pan-Hellenic Maritime Federation) has been striking since 6am last Friday and has extended their strike until 6am tomorrow. Boats have been coming and going, though perhaps not to the normal schedules. The Flying Dolphin Erato is enroute to Volos this morning.

All will resume to normal by 6am tomorrow, right? No. A nation-wide 24 hour work stoppage has been called for Thursday by a bunch of different groups and unions which will affect more than just sea travel.

Τhe General Confederation of Greek Workers (GSEE), the Civil Servants Union (ADEDY), and the PAME group, which includes builders, will strike on Thursday December 8. The PNO (Maritime) says that their members will too join and extend their strike through Thursday.

So don’t expect to get a whole lot of official business done tomorrow as most offices and services will be closed.
The seasonally irregular boat services may or may not be affected tomorrow. The Flying Dolphin office says that they will only know about tomorrow’s service at 14:00 today – when they see if the Flying Dolphin has left Volos for the islands.

You never know about boat strikes, sometimes the stoppage is total, sometimes intermittent (and then there is the weather). Better call the ticket office (24240 22300)


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