Still Missing

This post has been modified since its original posting two days ago.
The column capital in the photo from the Monastery of Agios Giorgios in Karya has been missing for a couple of years or so. Last seen in the courtyard of the derelict monastery and sitting just outside of the still functioning chapel, the capital is of the Ionic order. The photo shows that it was mounted on a ‘modern’ concrete base. The photo was taken 3 years ago. As I recall the dimensions of the square slab on top were about 40cm x 40 cm (??).

The origins of this singular piece are unclear. Was the monastery built on the site of an Ionian style temple? Was the piece found close by and brought into the monastery courtyard or was it carried to the monastery from somewhere else on the island or imported?

In an article in March 2016, Vories Sporades Newspaper reported that the Ionic capital was missing and I assume that it still is.


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