Today begins a busy week

Agia Barbara monastery on Palouki

Today (Dec. 4) is the feast of Agia Barbara (also Seraphim) whose local monastery is pictured above.
On Monday (Dec. 5) all the people named Savvas celebrate their day.
The following day is a big one in Greece (and elsewhere) as it is Agios Nikolaos‘s turn to be feted, followed by Ambrosios on the 7th.
Friday next is Anna‘s turn.
The new week begins with the feast of the Forefathers of Jesus (Κυριακή των Προπατόρων του Ιησού) which is always celebrated two Sundays before Christmas and includes those with early biblical names like Adam, Eve, Aaron, Abraham, Isaac, David and many more.


3 thoughts on “Today begins a busy week

  1. As well as the monastery dedicated to Agia Barbara, there is also a small section of the Three Hierarchs church (in the middle of the village) dedicated to her. If you asked in town for the location of Agia Barbara you’d be sent there.

  2. I’ve always tried to be on top of the custom of Xronia Polla – ing my local acquaintances. Those with unusual names are especially surprised and (I hope) pleased to have their names acknowledged.

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