Fish Plates

Those fans reading this post who have spent the night camped in front of the Armoloi Ceramics shop will be pleased. Armoloi’s ever popular “fish themed” ceramics will be among the articles on sale when the doors are flung open at 11:30 today. But not the plates in the photo! No, no, no.

The plates shown were in a shop window on another Mediterranean island, in fact the largest island in that sea, Sicily. While many ceramic painters use generic “fish shapes” as design elements, the fish spotted recently on these brightly painted disks in Palermo display what look specifically like tuna.

For millenia tuna fishing was a major Sicilian industry though now all Sicilian tuna canneries have closed. Demand and subsequent over fishing by factory ships did the local industry in.

You can read about the sad fate of the Mediterranean Blue fin tuna here link and here link.

…and this post was supposed to only be about ceramics!

This crater is from the Mandralisca Museum in Cefalu, Sicily –


3 thoughts on “Fish Plates

  1. …and over time. The same shapes, themes and references pop up again and again over thousand of years in many cultures and all other the world. Άνθρωποι είμαστε.

  2. Also conveniently, when a school of tuna are enclosed in a small bay, or in a human built net trap, they will swim as a school in a circle. The depiction of this works well on a circular plate!

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