Wow, what weather!

With the faithful ferry Proteus nestled snugly at Loutraki preparing at this moment to head for Volos, we present a brief rundown of our recent weather whacking. The predictions were fairly accurate as the winds came up and the rain came down pretty much on schedule. Tuesday was the worst as by mid-morning we had the delightful combination of heavy winds, heavy rain and low temperatures. There were wind gusts of 64km/hr (40mph) on Tuesday and 79km/hr (48mph) on Wednesday morning. The winds are abating now and the temperature promises to rise to 12º by noon tomorrow.

Here is November 2016 from our local weather station which overseen by the diligent Yiannis Chatzitrakosas of Skopelosweb


2 thoughts on “Wow, what weather!

  1. Hi T.O.H. – yes indeed! I don’t mind rain, and I don’t mind cold. The high winds by themselves are annoying and enervating. But when you combine the three for 48 hours the result is depression, and I don’t mean the barometric kind!
    I shuttled between the house and studio trying to get settled in a project – yet there was no settling down!

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