Road Tax

For those of us who drive our own vehicles in Greece, the time has come to pay for the privilege of motoring in 2017. At long last the (complicated) road tax figures for what each car or motorbike will owe can be found by going to the link below.

The first step is to enter your ΑΦΜ (tax number).
In the next box enter the plate number of your car.
Then press the “Αναζήτηση” button.
Suddenly a new version of the same page appears with the prompt to press the middle (εκτυπωση) button.
A new page should appear with a printable document you will need to bring (along with your cash) with you to the bank or the Post Office. The bank should give you a receipt which you should carry on board in the oft chance the police check.

Note – It works. Though I knew my ΑΦΜ, I couldn’t remember my plate number and had to go outside to see and the weather is cold and windy and wet. I then proceeded.


One thought on “Road Tax

  1. The tax people have figured out what you owe. The tax on older medium sized cars seems to be the same as last year. Motorbikes too.

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