Panormos and its buddy Blo

screen-shot-2016-11-27-at-10-08-29-amThis photo is again from 1906 – or least it was published in 1906. The point of view appears to be from the height of the photo of the Panormos citadel we posted the other day (link).

One thing of interest to me is the lack of wild vegetation on the Blo headland, it seems to have been cleared for cultivation. The traveler/scholar noted that the small bay was called Agia Sofia after a church that was located in the Panormos area. Sampson, in his list of place names around the island, refers to it as Blo (Μπλώ) and there is no mention of Agia Sofia.

Perhaps the strange name “Blo” is foreign as the Greek “Μπ” combination produces the hard Latin “B” sound. The dictionary has “Μπλόφα” (Blofa) as a word for “bluff. Maybe that’s the root?


6 thoughts on “Panormos and its buddy Blo

  1. Maybe – I once heard an elderly farmer say that a cat had caught a bird ‘ενα πουλί’. It came out as “en pli” – εν(α) π(ου)λί. That’s a 37.5 % reduction in the number of letters needed to make some local sense of the phrase . Though I had no idea what he was taking about, his pals did.

  2. Somewhere I must have read about St Sophia as I’ve written about it in my Skopelos Trails guide book. At the time, I did rummage around in the bushes and found the foundation and edging stones of this structure.

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