Panormos walls (old)



Following up on photos from 1906, readers may be interested in this shot of a local “guide” perched on the remains of the Panormos citadel (or acropolis) fortification wall. The following photos are of the same wall but taken in this century. Experts suggest that Panormos was a flourishing town at the time this mighty fortress was built.

According to Adamantios Sampson: (translated and edited freely from his book “Skopelos- a Historical and Archaeological Narrative)

“The third ancient city οf the island (Peparithos and Selinos are the other two) is at the place of the modern settlement of Panormos. The name of the site, as we know from Diodorus and Polyaenus (historians), is due to its position on an extremely sheltered cove, which in the southern part (Blo) penetrates deep into the land, and where even today ships find shelter in bad weather. It is very likely that in ancient times the port of Panormos was the main port of the island, as was the case in the Middle Ages, since the port city of Peparithos has northerly winds and docking there is very difficult especially during the winter months.

The landscape is a narrow valley between two mountain ranges which contains a small plain with two low elevations. On “Paleokastro”, the larger of the two elevations and closest to the beach, was the ancient citadel of Panormos which had at least two gates. The position of the acropolis has been identified with certainty because of the many architectural remains that are visible on the surface. The extension of the ancient city, around the hill, is now planted with olives and has thick fill from erosion of the surrounding mountains, so that the buildings have been buried deeply.

Excavations made in the lower elevations of the area have revealed pieces of ancient pottery, buildings and a ceramics warehouse and amphora workshop, and that the lower city extended up the valley away from the sea though it is now covered with thick deposits of earth from widespread flooding.

The remaining pieces of the citadel wall, including the foundation of a tower, are believed to be from the 5th century BCE. The tower had been built at a vulnerable point of the hill. It had a circular structure with a diameter of 9.70, which, because of its location near a precipice had to laid deep into the rock.”

The "guide" in the old photo sat at the position of the gray circle.

The “guide” in the old photo sat at the position of the gray circle.



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