New old photos

I seem to spend time dredging the muck of the internet for something of interest. Sometimes you get lucky.
These photos (there are more) are from 1906 and are of German origin.

No need to remark on the first photo as it is a typical ‘ansicht’. The author of the text which the photos support refers to Skopelos as Peparethos. The view is from the bluff below Agios Mercurios (Hotel Adonis). In the center of the photo the church of the Holy Apostles is prominently perched on the ‘Vrachos’. Imagine a Temple to Athena on the same spot for the church was built on the temple’s foundation.
The second photo from the aspect of Tsikalaria shows a familiar view of the bay and Mt. Palouki. It is interesting to see that the ceramic tiles protecting the roof intersections of all the houses are whitewashed. Interesting also is the presence of the windmill in the center lower left at the Milos and the mills raised above the ‘Ammos’ beach. Today the foundations of these seaside mills are underwater but can be seen from the beach. Directly above the mills appears the Panagia Livadia monastery and further, the cluster of buildings at Mili.

Sorry about the SkopelosArts watermark overprint.


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