Curb your pigs, please

FiFi and the late, locally penned pig "Blackie" (now deceased)

FiFi and the late, locally penned pig “Blackie”

The municipal unit of Anavra, high in the Othris Mountains and one of the most remote hamlets in Magnesias, has a problem. The problem can be described succinctly as “Pigs Roam Freely“. According to dramatic reports in area media (link), the animals are escaping their enclosures and grazing around town and, noses to the ground, eating whatever they can. 20 free pigs can do a lot of damage over a short period and can empty a garden quickly. Authorities have asked the pig owners to upgrade their pens and, according to the reports, the owners do so. Yet after a short period of time the pigs manage to free themselves and the feasting begins anew followed by capture, and re-penning.

Anavra is a unique place. Its 500+ inhabitants, mostly herders and farmers, benefit from the efforts of a former mayor who was determined to make the village ecologically sustainable. Apparently the effort has paid off, except the pigs keep getting loose.

An article in Wikipedia is here (link) which contains other local links about village’s ecological efforts.

I once read (link) that it doesn’t take long for an escaped domesticated pig to go feral, quickly developing long hair and tusks. As I recall, only a few months in the wild will do it.


2 thoughts on “Curb your pigs, please

  1. Wow! …..stray pigs to join the strays of Skopelos.

    Spiros Kosmas tells me that two female deers of his fenced off Mediterranean herd had jumped fence. So far they are not keen to be enticed back into their ravine enclosure. One of them was pregrant ……….

  2. .Just remembered. There was a huuuuuge free range sow suckling a countless litter of piglets roaming freely in the woods of Drakondoschisma awhile back. I wonder what happened to the pack…………

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