Recent news stories from the island

As dawn breaks, Skopelos has seen in the last 24 hours:
No murders
No kidnappings or abductions
No bank robberies
No car thefts
No housebreaks
No visits by US Presidents
No house fires
No serious injuries
No weather calamities
No gang related violence

There has been however a ‘reported’ swindle. Both MagnesiasNews (link) and Thessalia (link) tell of a “50 year old man from Skopelos” who sold a drone (an unmanned aerial vehicle), that he had advertised via the internet, to two fellas in Athens. The asking price was €1.150. The toy was sent to the two fellas but the two fellas didn’t pay for it. A formal complaint was lodged with the local police.

So much for transactions based on faith.


2 thoughts on “Recent news stories from the island

  1. I wish that something more interesting was going on here. I prefer scandals in which big time (more than €1,150) crooks are exposed, prosecuted, humiliated (when egos allow), and justice prevails.

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