Quiet island

A fragment of an ancient marble motif embedded in the wall of Agios Michael church in town

A fragment of an ancient marble motif embedded in the wall of Agios Michael church in town

Glancing around at some of the local “news” outlets, the usually reliable Efimerida Sporades” (link) hasn’t has much to say other than to report that someone wants to sell their wood burning stove and another wants to sell their TV.

The Volos newspaper Taxydromos reports that a 52 year old Skopelitan was arrested for not caring after his 3 dogs and 8 puppies and would have to appear in court.

In the meantime there is a lot of work to be done in the orchards – especially the pruning of olive trees. This will give one time to contemplate the point and purpose of Obama’s recent and odd visit to Greece.


4 thoughts on “Quiet island

  1. Why odd? wasn’t it the perfect place to make an ode to democracy,having the Parthenon as a backround? Greeks were touched by Obama’s speech, but I think it was for the americans and europeans to hear. Against the rising fascism.

  2. I am not sure what to make of it, Elena, coming as it did at the end of his tenure rather than the beginning. It is clear that many Greeks were touched indeed by the gesture – I imagine particularly Greeks abroad – and Americans in Greece. There were certainly some Greeks, however, who were bemused at best and thought it was all rather a joke – seeing it only as a meeting of two impotent leaders. Will Trump come, do you think!!??

  3. I was pleased to see him as a representative of the US considering the alternative. He looked and sounded good – however I didn’t buy his rhetoric.

    Initially I thought that Obama’s visit was terrific and good for Greece. There was a tone in his address which caused me to wonder and question why the hell he came here. Trips like this are not spur of the moment decisions – they need to be planned way in advance and my thought, like T.O.H., was why is he here? I felt that his speech was weak and derivative and basically hypocritical and self serving.

    The key for me was his claim that ‘the American economy is doing as well as it was in 1968’. 1968 was 48 years ago – so what is the relevance of mentioning such a factoid? What about the last 48 years? Is he suggesting that Greece has another 48 years to go before its economy normalizes? The bit about NATO and Greece being one of the top 5 countries in spending for NATO was also weird and should have embarrassed the current and previous Greek governments. Money to spend?

    This expensive trip was tacked onto a more important and previously scheduled visit to Mrs. Merkel and a mass meeting of some of the heads of NATO countries. My most cynical guess is that the trip was a ‘quid pro quo’ arrangement where a favor was owed and now has been repaid.

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