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While visiting Blo yesterday in the hope of finding something of interest that I had heard about – there was time to ponder Obama’s recent visit to Greece and some of the things he said. I listened to his state dinner speech and the one sentence of all the others that jumped out at me was, “Greece is one of five NATO Allies that spend 2 percent of GDP on defense.”

I thought, ‘what is Greece doing spending 2 percent of their meager GDP on defense?’, and why is that something that the US President feels is worthy of a public compliment? I don’t recall leaders of other NATO countries congratulating Greece on their military spending. And, if NATO is an alliance among equal partners, why aren’t richer members kicking in their share? The spending, seen as a percentage of GDP, is second only to the USA. (!!!)

As we all can discover, the IMF, World Bank and the UN lists Greece as 49th, 46th, 45th in the world in terms of GDP – in league with Vietnam, Bangladesh and Portugal.
With the current financial state in Greece, perhaps the country should be a little less eager to spend, for most of the money is not recycled back into the Greek economy (as it is in NATO member countries with significant defense industries like the USA). The Greek contribution is simply spent.

Here’s how NATO assesses its contributions…

Find your country here...

Find your country here…

and here…


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