Killer Cats are Winning

Photo credit Vasiliy Vishnevskiy -

Photo credit Vasiliy Vishnevskiy –

With a title lifted from the New York Review of Books and a photo ‘borrowed’ but credited to Vasiliy Vishnevskiy, Skopelo Arts and Life begins this new week with a slight edge.

In her review of the book “Cat Wars: The Devastating Consequence of a Cuddly Killer” Natalie Angier concisely lays out the books arguments of the role of cats in American society. Though clearly having an agenda, the authors Peter Marra of the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center in Washington DC, and journalist Chris Santella apparently try to present both the pro and con and discuss possible solutions to what they see as a plague. Apparently, because I haven’t read the book and probably won’t.

Whatever you think of “American society” these days, Angier’s review, which can be read in its entirety here (link) , neatly gives the rundown of the claims presented.

Naturally much of the content applies to worldwide feline populations including, as most are aware, our cat (and dog) infested island.


3 thoughts on “Killer Cats are Winning

  1. Please, Tom, don’t be so racist with cats !
    There are European laws for stray cats, they are just not applied in Skopelos…

  2. It is not just I who feels this way – according to the review.

    One humane solution, besides the nearly impossible task of neutering, would be to keep house cats in the house during the day and let out after dark in order to catch rats. Beneficial animals like birds and lizards are not active at night so conceivably they would be safe. As rats are active after dark, cats could hunt all night and then can be cuddled in the house at breakfast time. Win/win?

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