Absolutely nothing to do with Skopelos

Neapolis, Athens

Neapolis, Athens

Sorry about that (Absolutely nothing to do with Skopelos) but that’s the way it goes.

In Miranda’s neighborhood in Athens stands an empty lot which clearly is an unloading station for dogs of all sizes. The lot hosts walls with artwork which I found very interesting. Who can tell what this artist wants to say or if she wants to say anything at all? Isn’t beauty enough? Is the text in Hindi or Indonesian or something else?

There was other artwork just as engaging (yet easier to read) on the adjacent walls, but the mysteriousness of this combination of letters(?) done with class and style struck me as something worth at least a photo. Athens is for me too noisy and busy most of the time, but these sights discovered purely by chance soothe the experience.

The artwork is carefully composed, non-destructive, and adds value to the whole block. A treat for the eye.


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