Happy Burning Season

As November 1 marks the period where the careful burning of organic material is OK in Skopelos, we wish you good landscape clearing.

Keeping an eye on the competition, we found these olive trees worth mentioning. In this area of the world are many orchards similar to this with rows of manicured trees towering to 2.5 meters. These trees are young (guessing under 20 years old) but we have seen similar orchards with older trees with thicker trunks but still kept short.

No farmers are around to ask why the trees are cultivated this way. Perhaps they are easier to maintain, protect from disease, and the fruit is easier to collect. Perhaps these olives are only for eating? We remind you that this is not in Greece!


2 thoughts on “Happy Burning Season

  1. Enjoy Sicily! The peachy temple is in Segesta, Sicily. Beautiful. I highly recommend Erice if you are still in the area
    Thank you so much for your blog. I read it daily. Keeps me current on my favorite place in the world😊

  2. Thanks for the compliments! We are indeed on another island which we are finding fascinating – both in beauty and in history. I hope to do a longer piece on Sicily later when we are not posting from within a suitcase.

    We miss Skopelos too.

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