Takis M reforms

Takis Moschos at Gray Gallery

Takis Moschos at Gray Gallery

Accomplished actor/director Takis Moschos is asking that anyone interested is performing in this season’s theatricals join him on Sunday October 16th for an open to all informational gathering. The meeting will be at (ΣΙΝΕ) Orfeas at 7:30 pm. In the past these musters usually unfold like this:

  • Takis outlines his plans for the plays he would like to develop
  • He goes on to explain how the process of putting together a production works
  • Then he discusses the commitment he expects from each group member
  • Finally he asks who is still interested and willing to work
  • The willing put their contact details of a piece of paper and the meeting is over
  • Usually the discussion continues informally
  • Later, at home, the director assesses the list of names and tries to figure out which of the plays he has in mind are suited to the committed persons. At a later meeting Takis announces the titles and who is expected to take on which role.

    “The Prostitute Upstairs”(link) and “The In-laws from Tirana”(link), the two performances that made it to the stage last season, were terrific and very professional.

    "The In-laws from Tirana" 2016

    “The In-laws from Tirana”


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