Brand New Eliotravio

The little oil press in the woods

The little oil press in the woods

The new olive press is almost ready to start operations. We went up to the site this morning and took a look around. It is really different from the old mill in many ways. First of all the press is out in the country at Drakintoskisma down a long dirt path. There is a lot of room inside as the new (Greek) machinery seems more compact. Though the process is the same (filtering, washing, mashing, separating solids, pressing, heating, spinning, separating liquids, decanting) the machines can handle the olives from six different customers at once. Within the facility is also space for bottling machinery though there is no equipment in place yet (or yet purchased from the looks of things).

The new facility will have its Agiasmos (official church blessing) this Sunday at 12:30 and all are invited. After some trial runs next week, the first community olives will be pressed later in the month.


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