Float Planes galore!

from the company's website

from the company’s website. Please note the hydrant hovering above the water. How do they do that?

The Mayor, as chief of the “Skopelos Port Fund”, has offered the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks a counter proposal to the proposal by Hellenic Seaplanes for the establishment of a seaplane base in Skopelos.
“Sporades Seadromes” a subsidiary of Hellenic Seaplanes is supposed to pay for the building, and oversee the maintenance and staffing of the “facilty”. As I basically understand, the Mayor’s letter agrees to Hellenic Seaplane’s proposal for a seaplane port in Skopelos but wants to add that once the “seadrome” is built other seaplane entities, companies or individuals, can use it.

The proposed facility (departures and arrivals) itself will be a prefab insulated galvanized metal structure (with two coats of paint) with a floor plan of 10.16 x 7.0 meters. Two toilets.

Connected to the seadrome building will be a series of floating docks where the planes will tie up to take on and disgorge passengers.

Proposed “human resources” are a facility supervisor overseeing the four members the ground crew: the person in charge of safety, the safety boat operator, the check-in clerk, and the docking handler.

Whenever it happens the flights will be only in daytime under VFR (Visual Flight Rules) regulations. Basically VFR means that the pilot must be able to see, with his or her eyes, where he is going. Good thing. I suppose that there will be radio communication with the base in Skopelos as well as the Skiathos flight control staff.

The exact location of the seaplane port is unknown, at least to me. Inside the harbor might prove difficult especially in summer with so much boat traffic. I fondly recall the mighty blasts from the Mirtidiotissa as she tried to clear the way into (and out of) the port on summer afternoons. But where else could it be built? Does the Skopelos Port Fund authority extend beyond the actual harbor area?

This company’s project of building a nationwide network of seaplanes has been in the works for years with all kinds of promised dates missed. Surely it is a complicated process to get such an endeavor going.

For more info on the company’s plans go to this site – http://www.sporades-seadromes.com/ – in Greek but that translates adequately. Pretty CAD pictures too.


One thought on “Float Planes galore!

  1. I’m not so sure about this whole concept and haven’t been for quite a while. The company seems to be pouring money into the project around Greece but I’d like to get a peek at the research they did to learn if such a service was needed or was viable in the long run.

    Much like other smaller start-ups, like coffee/snacks shops or little bars in the backwoods areas of Skopelos town, which seem to have be created out of desperation rather than business acumen, this project is a real “maybe”. Given that the flight that one chooses from Skopelos won’t be a non-stop to Volos and more like a tour of different islands before reaching the mainland, I’m not so sure how appealing it might be other than the initial novelty.

    And what about the weather? The August Meltemi would prevent any (easy or safe) take-offs and landings on this side of the island. Would waiting passengers be left high and dry if the wind suddenly comes up? Or if the visibility drops below 1km?

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