One mighty pillar of rock

At sea the other day to swim at a favorite spot on the northeast coast of Palouki, this rock column was lit in a nice way, hence the photo. It is located at the end of a steep valley which probably spills tons of water into the sea during a heavy rain. Needing to know more in order to understand why this pillar remained while the environment around it washed away, I headed for the geology section of Sue Warren’s fabulous rabbit hole of a website Wild Flowers of Skopelos (link). As visitors to her site will soon discover, Sue includes well researched and referenced information not only of wild flowers but much more about the physical nature of Skopelos.

So what began as a meander around a photo of a Paloukian rock tower emerging from the sea became a plug for Sue Warren’s website. Before I can answer my own query of “why this pillar remains”, I have a lot more reading to do.
There is no satisfying simple answer (because it’s a rock?) to the question!




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