Big blasts on the big horn tomorrow

At 11:00 tomorrow (Wednesday) October 5th there will be a test of the air raid warning system all over Greece. The first siren blast will last 60 seconds (about 50 seconds more than is needed). Once that first sound has finished the population will have a 4 minute reprieve until the very similar “all clear” signal goes off at 11:05. The siren is located at the port of Skopelos. Maybe there is another in Glossa?

The announcement that I read really said “air raid” in Greek (αεροπορικής επίθεσης). It is nice to know that such a system is in place. What is not so nice to know is that we haven’t any idea what to do should the darn thing go off in the middle of the night or some other time than 11:00 Wednesday October 5.

Another question is what happens if you are underwater (or listening to Bon Jovi really loud in headphones) for one minute at exactly 11:00 and surface only hear the similar all clear signal? Imagine the confusion.

All kidding aside, this event is part of a 4 day national exercise in which the armed forces are mobilized to practice defending the homeland. The event is called ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ 2016 after Parmenion an associate of Philip and Megas Alexander of Macedonia. Get the picture?

From a press release about the event Parmenion – 2016…

From 3 to October 7, 2016 will be the National large-scale multidisciplinary exercise “PARMENION-2016”, which was designed and managed by the General Staff, throughout Greece.

In practice, apart from the General Staff, the General Staff and Major Commands to units involved and Civil Sector Organizations.

Main objectives of the exercise are:

a. The examination and treatment of situations generated by the international developments in the near and wider environment of our country.

b. The practice implementing administrative procedures and Armed Forces control.

c. The training and evaluation of the Armed Forces in the design and conduct of interdisciplinary activities and the maintenance and promotion of their fighting ability.

d. promote cooperation and coordination between the branches of the Armed Forces and of the civilian sector in the implementation of national plans.


One thought on “Big blasts on the big horn tomorrow

  1. The photo is of one of the two whistles on the Mirtidiotissa (which has left the Sporades / Agios Konstantinos service and is now moored in Pireaus).

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