A pot of gold?

After weeks of wrangling, the government and creditors have announced the committee which will oversee the “Superfund”, the initiative demanded by the creditors to privatize publicly owned enterprises.

The committee consists of:
Jacques Le Pape of France, a colleague of Christine Legarde and Inspector General of Finance
David Vegara – formerly a member of the European Stability Mechanism, the IMF, one time Finance Minister of Spain
Olga Haritou – banker and wife of Syriza MP Christoforos Papadopoulos
George Stamboulis – Professor of Economics at U of Thessaly (Volos)
George Tavlas – member of the Bank of Greece

The list of Public Enterprises and Organizations (ΔΕΚΟ) belonging to the Greek state to be “put up for grabs” is impressive and rather incredible:

The wrangling over the committee make up was due to the government’s attempt to balance conservative pro-business members (3) with leftier, pro-public personalities (2).
The government insists that this package must be put up as part of a Troika deal to release 2.8 billion in aid to Greece. The government also says that just because the entities are up for sale it doesn’t mean that anyone will buy them because of the substantial debts the companies owe.

As usual with stories of political weirdness, Keep Talking Greece blog has an interesting and funny take complete with quotes from bigwigs involved (link).


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