Cost of keeping a home stats

Note: the photo has nothing to do with the post content. The post is about the high cost of living in Greece and how do you illustrate that except with charts or pictures of people living in the streets? The photo is of the moon in it’s ‘last quarter’ phase. The exact instant of the ‘last quarter’ was about 12 hours earlier (during the day). The photo was taken at 1am Saturday morning.

To the post:
from eKathimerini comes a story about how 41% of Greeks are finding it difficult to cover the costs of owning their homes. The article says in part, “A survey by the European Federation of National Organizations Working with the Homeless (FEANTSA), using data from Eurostat published this year, showed that almost 41 percent of people in Greece face an excessive financial burden, having to spend over 40 percent of their total incomes to cover expenses associated with their home.”

The “40% of their total income” figure is compared to the European average of maintaining a home which is 11% of total income.

An alert reader may offer that Greek incomes are lower than the EU average yet their expenses (utilities) are close to the EU average. The new taxes (like EN.F.I.A) asked by the Troika as well as cuts in pensions (asked by the Troika) figure heavily in the burden on the average Greek household.

The article from Kathimerini can been seen by clicking here.


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