The stable +

Photo by Isabel

Photo by Isabel

A nearby collection of small buildings, some parts in ruins but active, have sheltered a variety of animals over the years. When the stable hosts someone’s goats, it is rented for the cost of manure (kopria) which the owner collects from time to time to sell. Chickens have lived there, well fed from scavenged grubs and worms in the dirt. Some years ago a big cow called this place home (or hoooooooome). Recently a section served as home for a sow and there was much excitement when a boar was brought in to “visit” during the sow’s estrus.

The young man looks after the current occupants which are a couple of mules and a horse which, at this stage of its life, is a beautiful dapple gray.

The young man shown continues the life-style of his father, his uncle, and his grandfather who husband “farm” animals to help with their work or to provide sustenance. The mules are kept basically to ferry heavy loads. These two mules will get a workout in the next few months as their owners cut dry wood into fireplace or stove sized logs to be delivered by mule to houses in the village. The animals are also necessary for carrying building materials into, and rubble out of, (inaccessible) sections of town. It has been going on for centuries.


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