The egrets of September Οι ερωδιούς του Σεπτεμβρίου

This flock of egrets (or another one exactly like it) arrives in Skopelos each year in late August and sticks around through September. The Egret is “o Ερωδιός” in Greek and more than one are “οι ερωδιούς”.
I’m not sure what type of egrets these are. Identification is by color (feathers, bill, “gape”, legs and feet) and size. The photos show that though all have white feathers, bill color ranges from yellow with yellow “gape” (the line of color leading from the bill through the eyes) to black bill with darker gape.
Leg color is yellowish. Location: 39.136126N 23.728573E

September is a pleasant month following the evaporation of the tourist hordes. Someone (Tony Lakidis to be precise) once said “September is the reward for enduring August”. Business slowly dries up as one by one many cafes, tavernas and shops begin to close up for the winter. The light fades earlier and earlier. It is dark by 8pm and the evenings are much cooler. The shortening days and the slow changes they bring are fascinating to observe. Plants and weeds absent since the springtime reappear, responding to the changes in light and temperature. Vegetable patches need less watering. Unfortunately, olives are dropping from lack of rain. We could use some.


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